Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

We can now manufacture made to order Futon mattresses for very many uses.

The range of requests increase monthly and include Pet Futons, Caravan Futons, Boat Futons, Sun lounger Futons and lots lots more.

Replacement Futons are our main core business and we find ourselves more and more supplying replacements to people who thought they were getting a bargain with a cheap mattress.

We at the Futon King will always advise; for comfort, quality and long life, spend as much as you can afford on your Futon mattress.

We can make your futon to any specification, to fit any bed, any designed sleep area and any depth quality or filling of your choice. ( This includes Memory Foam )

Just give us a call on 01255 556 565 or e-mail

All our mattresses are hand made in Essex ,England and conform with all British Standards.