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Futon Tips to pick the right Futon for you

If you really want to enjoy your new futon, take some time to read these quick tips before you buy. Here are some quick tips to help you when shopping for futons: Check Your Space - Measure to make sure your futon will fit Buy a Better Mattress - Learn how investing a little extra on your futon mattress pays Order Fabric Samples - Fabric samples help you match the colours under the lighting in your home to make sure you get the very best match possible. Buy Ahead of Time - Order your futon well in advance to ensure you get it before your guests arrive Live English help us at 01255-556565 and we can assist you with your queries.

Check your space

With each futon, we specify two sizes. We give you the dimensions as a sofa and the dimension as a bed.

An additional dimension to consider is the size of your mattress. A thick mattress can take up more length. Always give yourself a couple extra inches or centimeters at each end to be safe.

Buy The Best Futon Mattress You Can Afford

When buying a futon, invest as much as you can in your futon mattress. We canít emphasize this enough. The futon mattress is often the most overlooked part of a futon purchase. People will spend far longer finding the right cover and frame, while opting for the least expensive mattress. When possible, consider investing a little extra in the futon mattress as this will pay dividends in the end. People who buy the cheapest mattress often do so thinking that their futon will get little use. The reality is that a quality futon mattress will outlast a cheaper futon mattress and will look and act better under various conditions.

Futon Cover Samples

Ordering samples of the materials you are interested in helps you determine how certain futon covers will look in your room. Please try and narrow down your selection before you placing your order. Then call the Futon King on 01255-556565 and order your sample today!