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A Futon can be used as a couch/sofa and it can be used as a bed. The three main things you need to know about when it comes to futons are: A Futon Frame - Is the base / supporting infrastructure of the futon that is usually made of wood or metal A Futon Mattress - The pad that you use to sit or sleep on A Futon Cover - The covering that goes over the mattress to protect and decorate it

The futon frame, futon mattress, and futon cover make up the three components make up a "Complete Futon." You will be choosing one of each to make up your new futon. This makes it very easy and quick to customize your own futon. You will order each component separately and combine them all by adding each item to your shopping cart. You can find all three items from the navigation bar on the left. Add each item to your cart and you are well on your way to enjoying a truly customized futon!

Futon Frame / Futon Base

When choosing your futon frame, it’s important to keep in mind that the futon mattress and the futon cover are sold separately. Though the Futon King displays a “complete futon” when displaying the frames, this is only to help give you a feel of what your complete futon choice might look like.

We have both metal futon and hardwood futon frames. Both the metal futon and wood futon are very durable and easy to clean. Some of the hardwood futons have more options like drawers and magazine racks. I found the hardwood futon with drawers ever so useful in my child’s playroom as we could put all the toys away easily and change the room into a guest room when my mum stayed over.

You are in complete control of your futon. Once you pick your futon frame, mattress and cover, just sit back and let us take care of the rest.

To see our futon frame selection click here: Futon Frame

The Futon Mattress - The Essential Component

You can’t use any mattress on a futon. Futon mattresses are not sprung so that they can easily be manipulated and bend to the different positions the futons can take. Some futons can take up to as many as five different positions, but some futons can only do two different positions.

Some say that the futon mattress is not import as it’s just a pad to sit on. I disagree greatly. Not only does a good mattress give you extra comfort while sitting, but if you are going to sleep on the futon on a regular basis, I highly recommend getting the thickest mattress available.

Back in the early days (1980’s) of the western futon the mattresses were a lot thinner and not as good as they are now (Yep, I had a three fold futon back then). It was alright for me as child, but I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep on it every night as an adult. The futon that my wife and I slept on for two years has a lovely thick mattress (yes, we still have it). I can’t recommend enough that if you are going to sleep on a futon on a regular basis that the mattress will be the most important part of your purchase. The thicker mattress adds true comfort when using a futon regularly.

We encourage you to consider making as large an investment on your futon mattress as possible. When you do, you will find you will love your futon so much more in the end.

To see our futon mattress selection click here: Futon Mattress

The Futon Cover – the mattress Cover (Non-removable) and the Loose cover(removable)

There are two types of futon covers. There is the non-removable futon cover and the loose futon cover or the removable / interchangeable futon cover. The futon mattress cover is buttoned down with the mattress. These are the ones you see on the “complete futon.” The non-removable futon cover is just that, NON-removable. The loose futon covercan easily be slipped off and washed. Other names for the loose futon cover are the “removable futon cover” and the “interchangeable futon cover.” I personally don’t use the term interchangeable unless you have bought more than one. Often people will have several covers and switch between them with the changing seasons. When a cover gets dirty, you can take it off and wash it. Try any of these things with the old, painful sleep sofa of yester-year. There is even an option for a personal futon cover. Please click on Personal Futon cover for more details.